Blinds IS

What is it?

Put simply, it's an invoicing system for businesses in the blinds industry.

Blinds IS stands for Blinds Invoicing System. It's software for creating invoices amd work orders etc designed to allow office staff to quickly and easily put orders through.

It is ideal for handling blinds like Verticals, Timber Venetians, Aluminium Venetians, and Roller Blinds, but is by no means limited to them. The system can be set up to handle almost every kind of window and door covering.

How will it help my business?

It will save you time to do more important work, give your business a professional look by providing you with clean and modern Blinds Invoices etc, and allow you to make better decisions by providing you with the information you need.

What features does it have?

  • Print work orders, invoices, price lists, etc
  • Print sticker labels for each blind
  • Automatically generate diagrams for 'split' blinds
  • Search screens to find customers and orders easily
  • Automatic pricing of jobs
  • Keeping track of money owed
  • Statistics on salespeople, popularity of colours, etc
  • Componetry Invoices for wholesale customers
  • and more...
Documents Generated - Click to enlarge
Work Order
Track Diagram
Ticket Sticker
Componentry Labels
Price List
Search Results
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Actual documents may vary slightly.
Screenshots - Click to enlarge
Main Menu
Orders Screen
Orders Search Screen
Orders Edit Screen - Jobs
Customers Screen
Materials Screen
Sizes Screen
Components Screen

How much does it cost?


The price is inclusive of GST

Where can I get it?

  • Download the demo version, and take a look!
  • Visit the Contact section of this site and make an enquiry.